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Payments for Day Tours are collected while booking. Passengers are obliged to present their voucher (Confirmation ticket), which states that the tour has been paid in full, to the driver-guide.

Cancellations or change of reservations by customers 

Tours which are prepaid online have a 10 % cancellation fee (that means 90 % refund) when cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the departure. When a cancellation is received less than 24 hours prior to the departure full price of the tour will be charged and there is no refund. (This cancellation policy may apply also when booked through a third party.) When change of reservation is requested more than 24 hour prior to the departure, no fee is applied. Change of reservation less than 24 hours prior to the departure is not possible.  All cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail for instance), in conformity with business practices within the Icelandic travel industry.

No Show

When a passenger is not present on the submitted pickup place at the beginning of the pickup time, the driver-guide is obliged to continue the pickup of other passengers and is allowed to start the tour without the missing passenger (in order not to delay the tour for the rest of the passengers). This is considered as "No Show" and no refund is provided.  


Right to alter or cancel tours 

Icelandic Guides reserves all rights to delay, alter or cancel tours due to weather or any unsafe conditions for the safety of the clients.   

  There is a minimum number of passengers set for standard Day Tours, number is stated in the tours' description. Icetours has the right not to operate a tour when the minimum number of passengers is not reached.   

Refunds Refunds of tours cancelled before departure by Icetours

When the tour is prepaid online, a full refund will be issued in case a customer does not wish an alternative date of the tour or an alternative tour. When a tour is a subject of a "pay as you go" payment, no refund is eligible to be demanded as no payment was done prior to the tour. When a tour is purchased through a third party (tourist office/booking agency or a hotel), please take your voucher back to the third party and they will issue the full refund after reconfirming with Icetours that the tour was cancelled.


Refunds of delayed, altered or shortened tours after the departure 

When a tour is delayed due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances, no refunds are provided if the tour still operates. When the tour is altered or shortened after the departure due to weather, any unsafe travel conditions or unforeseen circumstances a partial refund is provided. The percentage of the refund is calculated according to how much of the initial itinerary has been completed.  



All entrance fees within the tours are included in the tours' prices, unless stated otherwise in the description of the tours.



Drinks, food or other refreshments are not included in the tours, , unless stated otherwise in the description of the tours.

We do make several comfort stops at all our tours (except for the Northern Lights tours), therefore you do not have to bring your lunch, you can purchase it at the restaurants/cafés. If preferred, you are welcome to bring your own, , unless stated otherwise in the description of the tours.


Pick-ups / drop-offs 

Pick-ups are included in the tour prices and are provided from most of registered hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Reykjavik (NOT neighborhood towns such as Hafnarfjörður, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Garðabær, Mosfellsbær and others). If you need help to find the closest hotel to your private accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. Please be ready outside the hotel or in the lobby; if there is no lobby please be ready outside the building from the beginning of the pickup time. Pick-up times are given in the tours' descriptions and generally take 30. However, due to traffic conditions or having to locate clients, pickups may take longer. Please make sure you do not board another companies van or coach, some do not check your voucher and if you are not at the designated pick-up location, we must continue with our pick-up to not delay the tour for other customers. Drop-offs are provided at the same places as pick-ups unless otherwise arranged with the driver/guides.   


Recommended Clothing 

Solid, warm & waterproof shoes as well as warm, rain & wind proof outdoor clothing is recommended for all the tours. For the best comfort we recommend having mittens and a hat, even in the summer season.



Icelandic Guides reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables should the necessity arise, including irregularities due to adverse weather or road conditions.  No responsibility is taken for losses or expenses due to delay or changes of flights, injury, damaged, negligence, weather, war or other unforeseeable causes – force majeure. Seats cannot be guaranteed unless booked at least 24 hours in advance. The estimated duration of tours as indicated on our website, are standard times and can vary according to road or weather conditions. Punctuality is a key objective to Icetours operations. However, delays may occur for unforeseen reasons. The company cannot be made responsible for losses that a passenger may face due to delay, regardless whether the loss is direct or indirect.  


Special Needs 

When a passenger has any special needs or requests, please notify Icetours as soon as possible. We try to fulfill our customers' wishes at all times.


Comments or Complaints 

Icelandic Guides welcomes all clients to comment and provide feedback on the tours; the recommended way is to send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Icetours always strives to provide the best service possible. If you are not satisfied with the services for any reason please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for reading through terms and conditions of Icetours. We welcome you to participate on our tours. Do not hesitate to contact us via phone or emails.

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